Dental Implants in Hillsville

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Losing teeth is never easy. The way in which you lose your teeth can be difficult to deal with in and of itself, whether they were lost due to decay, injury or simply old age. Living with missing teeth can make a number of easy, everyday things suddenly difficult. Eating is something that you need to adjust to and you may not feel like smiling because the way that your smile might look. These are all great reasons why you should consider seeing a cosmetic dentist to replace missing teeth, and Dr. Marlon A. Goad can help you choose which method may be right for you, even offering dental implants in Hillsville if it is appropriate.

Dental implants in Hillsville

Dental implants in Hillsville

The loss of teeth will change how well you eat and it may even change what you eat at all. Missing teeth will also alter your appearance, both when your mouth is closed as well as when it is open. The lack of teeth will change your facial profile and it will be more obvious whenever you open your mouth to speak or to smile. Aside from these initial side effects of losing teeth, there are some more pressing medical concerns that it presents as well. Having an incomplete smile can put a significant amount of strain on your bite and on your remaining teeth. This can cause the teeth that you have left to shift in place. To prevent all of these things from happening, however, you can replace your missing teeth. While there are several methods available for doing so, dental implants in Hillsville with Dr. Marlon A. Goad are extremely sturdy and reliable. Dental implants look, feel and even perform more like natural teeth do, especially when compared to bridges or dentures.

If you want a more reliable form of teeth replacement, call Dr. Marlon A. Goad to set up an appointment for an evaluation. You may just be eligible for dental implants in Hillsville. Our cosmetic dentist will examine the current state of your teeth and gums to determine which method will be best in terms of replacing your missing teeth.

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