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Fancy Gap VA dentist

In general, it is very much recommended that people of all ages visit their dentist her routine preventative dental care at least twice per year. Preventative dental care can do a lot for your overall dental health. Not only can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease as its name would suggest, but it can also provide your dentist with the opportunity to look out for any developmental issues that may also pose future problems. This is especially important for children who are still developing and growing at a rapid rate. Our Fancy Gap VA dentist Dr. Marlon A. Goad is able to provide you with comprehensive kids dental care that may help your child improve their dental health as well as ensure it for the rest of their lives.

Even though children have baby teeth which are known for being temporary, these teeth act as important placeholders that often predict how permanent teeth will develop later. Not only do baby teeth tend to form in a similar way that their permanent teeth will develop later on, but the health of baby teeth will also affect the general health of the permanent teeth that will one day take their place. In order for your child to have proper dental health throughout their childhood as well as in their future it is important that they have the help of a pediatric dentist on a regular basis. Our Fancy Gap VA dentist, Dr. Marlon A. Goad can provide your children with the comprehensive dental care that they need once every six months or so. With routine exams, cleanings, and even general dental procedures such as dental fillings, tooth extractions, or anything else that your child might need, Dr. Goad can in sure that your children’s teeth remain healthy.

Ideally, children should begin to see a pediatric dentist from the time of their baby teeth first begin to show and begin to emerge from beneath their gums. This way, their dentist can properly monitor their overall dental development while also providing them with the comprehensive care that they need. If you are in the market for a Fancy Gap VA dentist then Dr. Marlon A. Goad can offer you all of the services you need.

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