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Dental trauma in Hillsville

Hillsville emergency dentist
Hillsville emergency dentist

It is certainly very unsettling to have your tooth be knocked loose from its socket. Whether it is still partially attached, or it has been freed from your mouth entirely, you need the immediate attention of our Hillsville emergency dentist, Dr. Marlon A. Goad. Even in the face of dental trauma, you can still keep your tooth, and return it to its normal, healthy state.

An accident, injury, or physical altercation can cause a strong tooth to be separated from its secure space. If it is still partially attached, it is called dislodged. And avulsed is the term used when it’s a full detachment. It’s important to know exactly what to do and what not to do if you want to maximize the chances of saving it. In the “do” category is to try guiding a dislodged tooth back into its socket, and to place an avulsed tooth in a container or milk or one with warm water and a pinch of salt. This is essential. The tooth must be kept moist to be preserved. You should also call our office to notify us of your impending arrival. Or have someone else do it for you. What you should not do is go to a hospital. It is highly unlikely that they will have dental equipment or even a a dentist on staff. Our office, on the other hand, has everything necessary. Depending on the state of the tooth and the severity of the injury, you may only need to have the tooth held in place with orthodontic wire or a splint as it heals. Root canal therapy is required to remove the pulp, if it has become damaged.

While no one can guarantee a successful result, the faster you reach out to our Hillsville emergency dentist, the more likely you will maintain your tooth for the long term. Call us right away.

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