Teeth extraction in Hillsville

Hillsville pain free dentist

Teeth extraction in Hillsville

Teeth extraction in Hillsville

If you are looking for an expert general dentist who can provide a wide array of dental procedures, including teeth extraction, you will want to visit our practice of Dr. Marlon A. Goad. Dr. Goad is able to perform teeth extraction in Hillsville while you remain pain free and comfortable.

When you are especially interested in a dentist who will be able to perform dental procedures in a pain-free manner, you will be very happy to have the services of our highly trained dentist, Dr. Marlon A. Goad. Dr. Goad provides general, restorative and cosmetic dental care while patients remain perfectly comfortable. Our mission is to provide expert dental care for our patients while they experience the greatest level of comfort in a stress-free environment. For that reason we provide teeth extraction in Hillsville using local anesthesia, as well as offer the use of nitrous oxide sedation for other dental procedures. Nitrous oxide is available for dental care procedures for both children and adults. During the procedure you remain totally aware of your surroundings, but you remain comfortable, and pain and stress free.

While the goal of our dental practice is to make sure that our patients’ teeth remain as healthy as possible, there can be a time when teeth extraction in Hillsville is necessary. We are able to perform simple tooth extractions using local anesthesia. There are times when tooth extraction is the recommended and necessary way to go. For example, if a tooth is severely infected and a root canal procedure and repeated treatment have not been able to solve the problem, it may be necessary to extract the tooth to prevent infection of other teeth. If a patient has a compromised immune system, it may be recommended that the tooth is extracted as soon as possible to keep the infection from spreading to other parts of the body. If our patient is going through orthodontic work, it may also be recommended that certain teeth are extracted so that other teeth can be moved into their perfect position as determined by the orthodontist. Finally, wisdom teeth can be a problem if they become impacted or come in sideways. These problems with your wisdom teeth can cause serious dental issues. However, wisdom teeth that do successfully erupt may still cause problems with your dental health, as they may make your mouth too crowded and push other teeth out of alignment. In this situation as well, it is recommended that wisdom teeth are removed. If you would like to meet with Dr. Goad, simply contact our office for an appointment.

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