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Are you concerned about the care your smile needs in order be restored to perfect oral health? Whether you have dental anxiety and are looking for a drill-less method of dental procedure, or are simply looking to have your smile cared for in the extensive manner you need without the pain you don’t, the latest advances in dental technology may have the answers you are looking for. For advanced care that can truly be painless on your mouth and your mind alike, book your next appointment with the experts at your local Hillsville dentist at the offices of Dr. Marlon A. Goad and ask how Biolase water laser dentistry can work for you.

General Dentist Hillsville

General Dentist Hillsville

Many of us suffer from dental anxiety, and its no secret why. No matter what your age, drills create a host of problems for dental care that cause discomfort in a whole host of ways. A drill works through the process of friction, which is actually the reason why you need anesthetic in order for drill-based procedures to be performed. The process of a drill cutting into your mouth causes vibration, which in turn produces pressure and macrofractures that cause the patient to experience heat and pain at the site of treatment. Fortunately, at your trusted Hillsville dentist these problems are a thing of the past, thanks to Biolase water laser dentistry.

With Biolase technology your doctor can leave the drills behind in trade for technology that works at such an astonishing speed that it allows for completely painless procedures. By harnessing the power of water activated through a laser your professional Hillsville dentist can achieve the precision of a laser, but with a cool cutting method that causes absolutely no thermal damage, as it produces no heat. Contactless tools mean no vibration and macrofractures which cause pain. The most remarkable part about Biolase water laser dentistry is the sheer speed of these devices. By producing 50 microsecond laser pulses, the Biolase instruments actually get their work done before the message can even travel to the brain, allowing for treatment that is actually painless and without the need for anesthetic, all with greater precision and gentle care than a scalpel or drill ever could.

For treatment that allows for faster healing, lowered risk of infection, all while being truly painless to the human body, be sure to book your appointments with your neighborhood Hillsville dentist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the state of the art practice of Dr. Marlon A. Goad are dedicated to bring the latest technology and treatments to our patients in order to offer the most comfortable and effective oral health care possible. With Biolase water laser dentistry at the offices of Dr. Marlon A. Goad you can receive the care you need, without the pain you don’t.

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