Teeth Whitening in Hillside VA

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Teeth whitening in Hillside VA

Teeth whitening in Hillside VA

Food and beverages such as coffee, wine and soda all contribute to teeth staining, and substances such as nicotine can yellow teeth and make them look brown and discolored. The offices of Dr. Marlon A. Goad provide gentle and effective teeth whitening for patient who wish to have brighter, whiter teeth. Our teeth whitening in Hillside VA is the perfect way to have better looking teeth.

The best way to combat the aging process on teeth and due to substances is with a good teeth whitening either in our offices or using our take home system. Teeth whitening is not permanent, but can be maintained to last for a year or more with the right oral care habits. Abstaining from substances that discolor teeth can help them stay whiter longer. Your teeth whitening in Hillside VA can be done either at home or in our offices using a quick and easy procedure. A custom made tray is first specially fitted to your teeth to ensure that the proper amount of whitening solution is used. The tray covers the teeth and ensures that the gel does not get to the gums or cause irritation. We also provide you with detailed instructions to make your home whitening system safe, quick and easy. The entire procedure can be done in a few hours or overnight.

Your teeth whitening in Hillside VA can last at least a year or more should you follow good oral hygiene habits. Keeping gums and teeth healthy is essential to maintaining a good oral health environment within the mouth so that teeth stay tartar and plaque free. Annual cleanings also help rid teeth of film that can cover teeth, making them appear dirty. Food may stick to the enamel, causing a worn or dirty look to the teeth. The best way to rid teeth of this is with daily brushing.

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