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If it weren’t for dental plaque, there would be no tooth decay, no cavities, and no gum disease. Unfortunately, dental plaque does exist, and at the practice of Dr. Marlon A. Goad, we make it a priority to keep you from suffering the consequences of this film-like bacterial substance.

What causes dental plaque to form? The answer is sugar in your foods and drinks. Every time you eat cookies, cake, or pie; or you drink soda, or put sugar in your coffee or tea, you are inadvertently contributing to the growth of dental plaque. Starches also count as sugar, so do your best to curb your intake of pasta, rice, potatoes, and bread, among others. The less plaque that you have to deal with, the less chance there is of ending up with concerns that will need to be addressed at our Woodlawn dentist office. Your teeth brushing in the morning and at night, and your daily bedtime flossing combine to eliminate most, if not all, of your dental plaque. Tartar, however, the hard and crusty version of plaque, is the result of any plaque that avoids the reach of your oral hygiene efforts. You need our Woodlawn dentist office for the eradicating of tartar buildup. This is done with a simple, effective teeth cleaning. There is an additional benefit to a cleaning, which is that if you have any effects of early stage gum disease, gingivitis, they will be reversed. And any cavities can be detected and filled promptly, as part of your accompanying oral examination and x-rays.

At our Woodlawn dentist office, our goal is to keep your teeth strong and free of cavities, and your gums pink and vibrant to the greatest extent possible. A big part of that is avoiding the pitfalls of dental plaque. Contact us now to arrange your next appointment.

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